Programming Bootcamp

NouKod guarantees employment for every single trainee! Qualified candidates attend a full time 6-month long bootcamp. They are each provided with a small living stipend and a midday meal.

Estimated cost per candidate: $3000 (includes laptop, desk, curriculum, meals, stipend, and training center costs)

Creating Jobs

The entry level jobs supported by NK Foundation, Inc are geared to help youth transitioning out of orphanages and others struggling to find stable work or a career path.

$500 creates a job! (laptop, desk/chair) - we find contracts

Donations help cover meals, internet and utilities for this non-profit portion  of our crew (currently 80% as of 5/2017).

Community Support

NouKod Foundation will eventually place a majority of revenue generated profits and time back into the community, in order to support the following ventures:

Full Stack Coding Bootcamps

S.T.E.M. Programming for Girls

Early Coding and Tech Training

Maternal/Child Health

Youth Transition Programs



Sponsor a bootcamp student

Help create an entry level job

Keep our training center/office running

Bolster our "bootstrapping" mission driven start up expenses

*NouKod Foundation is a registered 501c3 tax-exempt organization.




Technology - We need IT specialists and programmers for LIVE training (may be in-country or via Skype)

Administrative Support - Seeking  both short or long term volunteers/interns willing to support administrative tasks, such as: accounting, grant writing, graphic design, social media marketing, fundraising and communications. (May be either Haiti or US based)