Programming Bootcamp

NouKod, Inc guarantees employment for every candidate, but the foundation has to get them writing code! They attend a 4-6 month full time training program with a midday meal provided.

Estimate cost per candidate: $1500 (laptop, curriculum, meals, training center desk)

Creating Jobs

The entry level jobs supported by NK Foundation are geared to help youth transitioning out of orphanages and others struggling to find stable work or a career path.

$500 creates a job! (laptop, desk/chair) - we find contracts

Monthly donations help cover meals, internet and overhead for this non-profit venture.

Community Support

NouKod, Inc will eventually place a majority of profits back into the Foundation to sustain these otherwise unsustainable ventures.

Our initial project is:

"NKF TiKay Nesans"

(a maternity birth home)

Read more about this incredible project HERE!


Sponsor a bootcamp student

Create entry level jobs

Keep our training center/office running

Open a comunity based Birth Home

*NouKod Foundation is a registered 501c3 tax-exempt organization.




Technology - We need IT specialists and programmers for LIVE training (may be in-country or via Skype)

Maternity Care - Seeking OBs, CNMs, RNs, and Doulas dedicated to the long term development of a sustainable, reproducible birth home model in Port Au Prince.

We also welcome long term volunteers either stateside or in-country willing to support administrative tasks