Happy ending 2016

After an arduous year of planning, praying and researching, development and bravery and determination, NouKod Foundation was launched in late fall. We started with only two employees and now have six working entry level positions. Primarily these are youth who aged out of a local orphanage and had basic computer and English skills.

Their enthusiasm for work is infectious, they come in with smiles every morning and are working incredibly well as a team.

Yesterday a huge surprise arrived to bring our year to a very happy end...we received approval and officialization for the Foundation as a 501c3 tax-free charity!

SO, you have ONE day left this year to DONATE to our brand spanking new foundation and see your gift multiplied in countless ways to help break the cycle of poverty and vulnerability here in Haiti.

Your DONATION today may be designated to:

Happy Holidays to you & yours from NouKod!



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