Our Philosophy

Poverty and vulnerability in a developing nation are best addressed through sustainable job creation.

Our Story

Ted & Rebecca Barlow moved to Haiti in response to the earthquake of 2010. Initially it was to stabilize families and vulnerable children through relief efforts in order to prevent abandonment to orphanages.

In 2014, they saw the need for job creation as a longer term solution. Ted has a background in corporate IT, Rebecca's brother is a computer programmer and so the three came together and the early incubation of this business began.

In fall 2016 the time was right to actually embark on this two faceted project. As we began to move forward, Nat Segaren also joined our executive team as CFO and so, NouKod was born!

Meet the Team

International Social Business Entrepreneurs


Ted Barlow

Founder & CEO

Ted has been in Port Au Prince, Haiti since 2010. He recently served as the National Director of Operation Blessing Intl, Haiti. His background is in corporate IT security. He was CSO for MacAfee from 2004-2008.

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Rebecca Barlow

Founder & Advisor

Rebecca has lived in and served at several ministries in Haiti since 2010. She is a visionary global thinker, holds her MSN in Midwifery, and also seems to hold her own in a growing family of "tech nerds".


Nat Segaren

Founder & CFO

Nat is a Cambridge trained MD, and a Fulbright Scholar with an MBA/MPH from Johns Hopkins University. He has lived/worked in Haiti for 10 years, and also serves as the National Director for Caris Foundation.